Why Hire a Hawaii Sign Company?

hawaii sign company

The Hawaiian sign for “shaka” – with extended thumb and pinkie extended and all other fingers closed into a fist – is distinctive to that culture; but that doesn’t limit how islanders communicate using their hands.

Fast Company recently honored a wayfinding system built upon Native Hawaiian knowledge as part of its 2023 World Changing Ideas Award and it is being implemented at the University of Hawaii at Manoa campus.

Digital Signage

Digital signage provides an effective means of presenting information and advertisements within your business or restaurant, while facilitating employee communication. Popular services include menu boards, donor boards and interactive screens that allow viewers to search independently for the information they seek.

Digital signage systems typically consist of three components: content management system (CMS), media players and screens or monitors. With CMS you can upload images, graphics and information that should appear on screens; media players are then responsible for displaying that content to viewers.

Some integrators develop their own software for managing signage systems. This can be both time consuming and expensive; therefore, we recommend choosing an established solution such as Yodeck. Yodeck is an affordable platform that makes digital signage management simple – ideal for managing all digital signs efficiently!

Signage Installation

Professional sign installation companies understand local bylaws regarding signage and will ensure your sign meets them all. Furthermore, they know what hardware or fasteners to use and how best to install them to make sure that it remains secure and durable over time.

Professional sign makers offer another service: creating a maintenance plan. This can include creating a checklist of tasks to be performed regularly as well as detailing any materials that must be replaced in accordance with frequency.

One essential sign maintenance task involves updating the lighting in your commercial sign with energy-saving LEDs. LEDs are much more energy-efficient and will outlive traditional bulbs while being brighter and more attractive than their predecessors. When considering upgrading, consider working with a retrofitting company – doing this will save money over time and ensure all visitors can safely navigate your signs.

Signage Maintenance

Even with top quality materials and design, signs require regular maintenance to stay attractive and functional. Damage caused by weather, environment or age should be monitored closely; to do this effectively a proactive strategy with scheduled inspections and cleaning should be used to keep them looking their best.

Maintenance services available from us range from cleaning and waxing, through full refurbishments and lighting upgrades, all the way to full maintenance service trucks stocked with fully licensed sign repair technicians that can keep your signage in top shape.

Unfortunately, signage programs are often created without sufficient consideration of maintenance needs and costs. By getting involved early and creating a proactive maintenance program from the outset, it can help maximize results while decreasing headaches and costs over time. Our team will make sure that your investment in brand image and branding remains safe during its lifespan.