UC Irvine Offers Offender Jobs in a Sign Shop

uci sign shop

UCI provides offenders with work opportunities that help prepare them for life after prison. From working in sign shops to cleaning restrooms, these job duties give UCI offenders valuable experience for life after imprisonment.

The Student Center recently unveiled two inspiring canvas digital reproductions: One reads “UCI Brilliant Future” with swirling orange, blue and gold brushstrokes surrounding its text; while the second showcases vibrant brushstrokes of orange, blue and gold colors.

UCI Logo

UC Irvine is an internationally acclaimed university known for fostering passion, enthusiasm, and innovative approaches to scholarship. Established in 1965 as one of the youngest members of the Association of American Universities, UCI is best known for its academic achievement, premier research & innovation programs and iconic anteater mascot.

The new UCI logo, created with help from someOne branding agency, aims to strengthen its identity and relationships with audiences and commercial partners, while more efficiently communicating its vision and mission.

No matter if it’s video production, flyer design, web development or story creation; all communications must follow UCI branding standards. Please use the links provided as resources and instructions.

UCI Thermal Energy Storage Tower

UCI Thermal Energy Storage Tower is the world’s first commercial hydrogen fuel cell power plant. Situated near Bren Events Center on campus, this groundbreaking initiative uses methane from Anaheim Natural Gas pipeline to produce clean and renewable electricity while also producing hydrogen for vehicles that use fuel cells.

This project holds great national significance as it marks the first commercially operated hydrogen fuel cell power plant in the US. This landmark represents an important step toward creating cleaner transportation fuel and an economy-transforming technology.

UCI’s current microgrid portfolio comprises electric vehicle charging, hydrogen fueling for fuel cell vehicles, two-axis tracking concentrated solar PV systems, building retrofits and demand response services. UCI substation transformers do not impose capacity limitations that impede performance; this allows more flexibility within the system to help meet local capacity constraints on distributed energy resources.

UCI Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an international movement to uphold survivors and support current patients as well as raise money for research. At UC Irvine, researchers are supporting efforts to develop treatments that could provide relief to thousands of women and men living with this condition.

At nighttime across campus, the Student Center is lit in pink to show support for individuals battling this illness and to remind people about early detection and screening as an important means to increase survival rates.

UC Irvine has a longstanding partnership with Uganda, where its students serve as volunteers providing medical services in response to Ebola. The university has set up treatment centers across northern and western Uganda where Ebola virus prevalence is most severe, placing its students on the front lines of global health crises by helping with diagnosis, treatment, linkage to care services, etc.

UCI Brilliant Future Campaign

University of California, Irvine recently publicly launched their second 10-figure fundraising drive aimed at expanding scientific research, healthcare services, student scholarships and cultural endeavors. Dubbed Brilliant Future: The Campaign for UCI, the campaign aims to raise $2 billion.

The campaign seeks to foster groundbreaking discoveries and transform campus through private donations, while increasing engagement with UCI alumni; specifically targeting 75,000 former students.

UCI’s campus expansion campaign will expand facilities, offer scholarships to more students, and help develop breakthrough evidence of potential cures for various conditions. Already the campaign has raised over $1.2 billion from thousands of donors – one of the largest fundraising campaigns in Orange County history!