Types of Signs That a Sign Factory Near Me Can Produce

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Sign factories near me offer many different varieties of signs. Monument and pylon signs are among the most frequently produced; these signs can often be found in shopping centers and malls and feature tenant businesses on an attractive base with long-distance visibility capabilities.

Monument Signs

Monument signs for business provide eye-height signage that ensures your brand message reaches pedestrians and passing traffic directly. Monument signs tend to work best in multi-tenant shopping centers or other locations that cannot accommodate larger billboard or marquee signs due to height restrictions.

Individual office complexes or industrial areas will benefit from storefront signs as a means to identify your location within. With eye-catching signs that showcase your commitment to success and can even illuminated with LED lighting for increased night visibility, these freestanding signs make an excellent statement about doing business with you. Available materials and designs for this freestanding sign may include brick, stone and metal designs; while LED illumination for added night visibility. It is wise to conduct thorough research and check local zoning regulations prior to choosing this storefront sign option for your business.

Pylon Signs

Pylon signs (also called freestanding or pole signs) offer a cost-effective means of advertising in high traffic areas. You can select single or double-sided signs with illuminated or unlit faces based on your preference, as well as LED elements to increase their impact and visibility.

Pylon signs can often be found at mall entrances and exits, shopping centers, department stores and similar areas. They’re also effective at drawing drivers’ attention on busy highways or four-lane roads – an added benefit that improves wayfinding while drawing in customers for businesses.

Cabinet Signs

Cabinet signs (also referred to as wall or box signs) are an old-school form of illuminated signage which illuminates your business at night. Constructed of metal, these cabinets contain fluorescent tubes or LEDs inside, which illuminate their contents when illuminated from behind – perfect for mounting on buildings, poles or included as part of a pylon sign system.

Cabinet faces can be routed with copy and/or graphics or digitally printed on translucent vinyl, using materials such as Acrysteel Acrylic or GE Solar Grade Lexan Polycarbonate plastic families to etch text or images directly onto them. Their strength makes these resilient plastic families ideal for sign replacement signs.

Optigard(tm) protective coating eliminates yellowing on signs, keeping them looking brand new for years and saving on electricity costs. Lumabrite(tm) first-surface lighting technology enhances brightness while drawing more customers into your store.

Channel Letter Signs

Channel letter signage transforms two-dimensional names into three-dimensional brand statements. These professional signs feature elegant letterforms and designs to help clients recognize and remember a company. Perfect for shopping centers, boutiques, theaters or restaurants!

Returns, or sides, of these business signs can be constructed of aluminum and painted a standard color or customized using branding-specific hues or PMS (Pantone Matching System). They may also feature clear polycarbonate for illumination with LEDs or neon.

Front-lit channel letters feature aluminum backs with acrylic or polycarbonate faces. Reverse/halo-lit signs feature metal faces and aluminum returns backed by translucent vinyl that reflects light off of walls behind. Non-illuminated or open face signs are also available.

Electronic Message Centers

Electronic Message Centers can be an invaluable asset to any business’ marketing strategy. From lumber companies to restaurants, small businesses especially appreciate being able to easily change their advertisements remotely at any time – especially useful if there’s an unexpected sale or special that needs promoting quickly!

Businesses also use EMCs to advertise job openings and communicate the company culture to potential candidates who pass by daily. EMCs are also used by local government units as an informative method for communicating updates, check-in procedures, wayfinding maps and general info to their constituents.

Businesses in and around Cincinnati often turn to Electronic Message Boards (EMCs) for instant visibility boost. EMCs offer 21st century billboards with interactive graphics and content designed to draw customers’ eyes all day and night – providing instant customer engagement!