Three-Dimensional Lettering For Buildings

plastic lettering for buildings

Plastic letters can be an effective way to promote your business or event, with various font styles and colors available that make installation quick and simple.

Acrylic or foam sheets with metal laminate on the face provide the look of aluminum, brass, copper or bronze at a fraction of its true cost.


Plastic dimensional letters are durable and designed to withstand the elements. They offer an affordable alternative to metal signage and give your business a sleek appearance that sets it apart from competitors. Furthermore, their flexibility and customization options give businesses more options than ever.

CAB signs are created from sheets of CAB material which have been heated and vacuum formed over molds to create signs with almost any style or thickness imaginable. They can even be painted or laminated for an alternative appearance.

These signs are an ideal choice for lobbies and reception areas, offering various mounting options such as stud, pad, plain and combination mounts to display logos or lettering at an economical price. Gemini also offers an unlimited Lifetime Guarantee on these products so if they break, chip or fade they will refinish or replace it at no additional charge to you.


Plastic lettering stands out from traditional signage materials by being light. This makes it easier to transport and install, making it the ideal solution for locations looking to save space or have limited budgets.

Dependent upon your chosen style, sign letters can be painted various colors to increase visibility and provide a distinctive appearance for your business. A metal laminate may also be added for additional durability and visibility.

Channel letters are an eye-catching form of 3D signage crafted out of plastic or metal letters that can be illuminated to stand out both day and night, providing ideal signage for business entrances, lobby areas, trade shows, or exhibitions. A flange mount holds this signage to either make it flush with the building surface or raised up using aluminum studs and plastic pads for increased height.

Easy to install

Plastic letters are an ideal solution for commercial businesses that want to mark their building with their company name, logo or other designs. Plastic letters come in an assortment of font choices, sizes and colors for easy customization; installation can be accomplished with double sided tape/adhesive mounting tape/stud mounts/a combination thereof or the sign comes complete with its own mounting template which helps identify where holes should be drilled in walls.

Formed plastic lettering comes in over 100 font styles and can be painted to meet any branding guidelines or design style. Furthermore, they can also be backlit or front lit to be visible at nighttime.

Most of our dimensional sign products feature stud mounts to facilitate installation on all surfaces – interior office drywall as well as exterior brick, stone and metal siding surfaces. If your surface has textured areas such as brickwork or stones, our plastic spacers allow you to control how far away from the wall you mount your sign.


Three-dimensional letters for buildings come in all sorts of fonts, sizes and colours, often made out of different materials to give your business its own distinct look and branding. Vision Visual offers custom built three dimensional letters in wood, plastic and light foam for any project that may include internal LED lighting to increase brightness when mounted to walls; furthermore they are available with finishes including brushed stainless steel.

Formed plastic letters offer great value and come in bold thicknesses that stand out. Custom painted to suit any color scheme and suitable for both indoor and outdoor signs, shaped plastic letters offer a sophisticated solution that exudes permanence, class, and strength. Installable on any wall surface such as office drywall or exterior brick, stone, or metal siding surfaces they come equipped with stud mounts to screw into their backside as well as paper templates to assist with hole placement.