Sign Manufacturing Company Near Me

sign manufacturing company near me

Visibility is of utmost importance in terms of sign performance; illuminated signs attract more customers than unlit ones.

Sign dealers, Car Wrap companies and sign stores who purport to install electric signs illegally should ask to see their license!

Our Optigard coated flexible sign faces help businesses present themselves at their best to customers. All lighted signs feature calibrated time clocks.

What Types of Lighting Are Available?

Visibility at night is critical to the effectiveness of any sign. Lighted signs draw more customers’ attention and increase business.

Optigard(tm) coated flexible sign faces eliminate yellowing that makes your sign look old and worn, driving away potential customers. Impact-modified plastics and Lumabrite(tm) coated aluminium exterior skins resist damage while using the same automotive+ paint system used on Ferraris to keep them looking like new and attract more customers.

Sodium Vapor and Metal Halide parking lot lights can interfere with sign colors and cause them to look dim, but we offer solutions by installing “Daylight” or “Cool White” ballasts to address this problem. In addition, we install color-changing channel letter signs from SpectraLites(tm), full-color LED message centers from WindowVision(tm), wall wash back lighting accents as well as neon or LED tubing for signs that comply with Article 600 in commercial occupancy buildings accessible to pedestrians. These installations must comply with Article 600 for commercial occupancy buildings accessible to pedestrians.