Sign Installer Contractor

sign installer contractor

As a sign installer contractor, your role will be vital in getting the right message across to those who need it most. Signs play an essential part in businesses across industries – be they ground signs, wall mounted displays or vehicle graphics.

To make sure your business runs efficiently, specialized insurance coverage is key. Our experts can assist in finding a policy to best meet your requirements.


Signs play an essential part in drawing customers in and making an impressionful first impression, which is why their design and production by an experienced sign contractor should not be underestimated.

As part of your role, you’ll work alongside designers to draft and finalize designs for non-electrical signage projects such as painting wall signs, modifying existing structures or changing their colors. Once designs have been approved, production and fabrication will begin along with reserving installation equipment such as cranes or specialty trucks.


Sign installer contractors oversee the installation of various forms of signage for companies, often by transporting signs in large trucks before working at height to mount them. A strong work ethic and mechanical aptitude are necessary in this career path.

specialists in non-electrical signage should possess the knowledge to interpret construction blueprints accurately, read designs and symbols accurately and be legally compliant when contracting their services through the Contractors State License Board. Furthermore, these professionals require both a valid driver’s license as well as a C-61 limited specialty license to operate legally in their industry.

Vism is an effective way for freelance sign and wide-format print installers to reach new clients in your local area. Create a profile to list your skills, credentials, certifications and insurances so sign manufacturers and printers can find you quickly; multiple locations can even be uploaded as proof. Make sure to also include contact details for yourself as well as your company website link as well as a comprehensive description of installation services provided by Vism.


As part of this profession, it is crucial that you can follow detailed installation instructions from clients and ensure all aspects of the project meet with contract requirements. Furthermore, an inventory of standard road signs should be available so as to be ready to respond promptly if new or replacement signs are requested by clients.

As well as meeting the basic qualifications outlined above, you should also have an in-depth knowledge of all equipment and tools necessary for welding and electrical work. Attending online or in-person courses related to these professions can provide essential preparation.

For customers’ protection, independent contractors or firms without State licenses must possess insurance coverage to cover general liability and workers’ compensation claims. Some states may also require proof of coverage be submitted to their Department of Labor; in such a case it must also be reported if their Master Electrician/Master Sign Electrician leaves employment or their Master Sign Electrician of record exits the work force.


Sign contractors typically possess both artistic vision and the communication skills to bring business owner’s ideas into reality. Additionally, they must be capable of reading construction blueprints as they install or repair non-electrical or electrical signs.

Electrical sign contractors must employ or contract with a master electrician/master sign electrician at their place of business or utilize one as part of their scope of services, which include designing, manufacturing, installing, reconnecting or servicing an electric sign such as cold cathode neon gas tubing or outline gas tubing as well as altering wiring conductors for services or modifications.

Sign installation companies require general liability coverage for themselves and employees as they complete projects, protecting against third-party property damage, bodily injury/death claims and libel/slander claims. Furthermore, sign installation companies should take out workers’ compensation insurance to cover employees who become injured on the job.