Plastic Letters For Buildings

Dimensional letters are sign lettering that has been manufactured or cast to create visual depth and add height and visual interest. They can be cut precisely from flat sheet material or custom-fabricated into any desired shape of your sign.

Plastic dimensional letters offer an affordable alternative to metal signs. Lightweight and easy to mount on almost any wall surface, these durable yet lightweight signs come with various font styles and sizes available to choose from.


If you need a building sign featuring three-dimensional letters, there are a variety of options to consider. Some are more costly than others – for instance metal signs tend to last longer and look better than plastic ones while being easier to hang – making them often better choices for larger buildings.

Formed plastic letters offer great value when it comes to signage design. Guaranteed against fading, cracking, chipping or peeling for life and offering bold thicknesses that stand out – not to mention being easy to install with their included template and mounting instructions!

Formed plastic letters are ideal for lobby signs, office walls and building signage. Their purpose can range from identifying the CEO’s office to simply displaying your logo on a wall. Made from materials including brushed, satin brushed and painted aluminum they can also be attached using any combination of stud, pad or plain mounts that suit any mounting surface.


Durability should always be taken into consideration when selecting a material for a sign, and metal is an ideal material to withstand the elements. But keep in mind that these signs can be heavy and need proper anchoring systems for best results.

Plastic dimensional letters come in an assortment of styles. They can be painted to suit any color scheme and can be an economical solution for retailers or commercial businesses on a tight budget.

Injection-molded, cut acrylic or formed plastic letters are among the most sought-after options, providing durable yet depthful depth signage that’s cost effective to maintain compared to cast or cut metal signs. They come with flat faces featuring prismatic curves or even sculpted shapes for depth. Furthermore, these letters come equipped with lifetime guarantees against weather elements – making them an excellent option.


Plastic sign letters offer many aesthetic advantages when it comes to creating visually pleasing signs. From their wide variety of fonts and sizes, to being personalized with logos or text, plastic letters make an excellent addition to any signage solution. Furthermore, they can even be laminated onto metal bases for dimensional effects – which makes plastic sign letters especially appropriate for business signage as it adds professionalism not easily achieved with flat lettering alone.

Aesthetics also involve choosing materials for your sign that will best reflect your brand and environment, like metal signs which offer more sophisticated, long-term appearance but require more maintenance.

Opting for either front or back lighting for your sign is another aesthetic factor to keep in mind, and may impact its price as well. Front-lit signs tend to be cheaper; however, both types can still be effective when utilized correctly.


Plastic letters offer an economical and efficient solution for branding your company name on a building or storefront. Not only are these signs lighter weight than metal dimensional signs, they are also more resistant to extreme temperatures such as extreme heat or cold. Plastic letters also make a great addition for indoor lobbies and reception areas.

These all-weather plastic letters feature bold depths to make your message pop, with a lifetime warranty against fading, cracking and chipping. Made from colored cellulose acetate butyrate (CAB).

Installing Gemini products requires various mounting solutions. Our most popular method is raceway mounting, which minimizes wall penetrations while still looking seamless with your wall’s color palette. Another mounting method includes combination or stud mounts – recommended for brick or block walls but must be ordered along with their studs; pad mounts are not advised and could void your warranty with us.