Outdoor Lighted Letters For Buildings

Outdoor illuminated letters can help increase brand recognition and showcase your message or brand, adding beauty and impact to storefronts or entranceways.

There are various materials that can be used for signs, including plastic, letter foam and metal. Each has their own set of advantages and drawbacks.

Metal Pan Channel Letters

Outdoor lighted letters for buildings are becoming increasingly popular as they add depth and dimension to building facades and can be illuminated using LED or neon lighting systems. Furthermore, these luminous letters are both durable and affordable solutions.

Standard channel letters feature aluminum backs and sides with plastic or aluminum sign faces attached via trim caps to their returns and faces, usually painted to complement the building facade or signage band color scheme.

Reverse pan channel letter (also referred to as back-lit or halo lit channel letter) features LED lights placed behind each letter that shine through its face to form an illuminated halo around it, often used on signs for high-end retail stores, law offices and professional businesses.

Channel letter signs are usually mounted onto metal boxes called raceways that house all of the required electrical power sources and cabling needed for lighting them, making installation quicker and reducing wall penetrations – something landlords greatly appreciate.

Dimensional Letters

Dimensional letters can add depth and professionalism to your logo or sign. Made from various materials, colors, fonts and sizes dimensional letters provide the ideal way to add depth.

Dimension letters made of aluminum, bronze, brass, copper and stainless steel can be cut, fabricated or cast to meet your exacting specifications. We offer precision cut letters as well.

Thicker adhesive wallcoverings range in thickness from 1/8 inch up to two inches, and can be attached using double sided tape or even more securely by screwing into wall studs for more textured walls.

Dimensional letters are commonly seen on exterior building signage and may even feature internal illumination to highlight them during both day and night. Additionally, these dimensional letters may also be integrated into monument signs or other self-standing signage structures.

Channel Letters Indoors

Channel letters offer an ideal way to give any building a customized aesthetic. Available in many colors, sizes, and lighting options, channel letters make eye-catching signs that draw customers’ attention directly to your business.

Indoor lighted letters are designed to be weatherproof, durable and highly visible – ideal for shopping centers, airports, corporate parks and hospitals.

Typically, these three-dimensional letters are constructed of aluminum or another anti-rust material and painted to match your branding color, with an opaque clear backing to diffuse light for an appealing and seamless appearance.

Based on your desired style, there are front-lit or back-lit channel letters available. Back-lit letters feature opaque front panels but illuminate their back panels to cast a glow against any surrounding wall behind it, creating a halo effect and producing a soft glow effect – perfect for businesses that value their prestigious image and want a subtler glow.

Letter Foam

Outdoor lighted letters offer an eye-catching way to promote your business or add excitement and vibrancy to event entrances, perfect for making an impressionful statement about who or what you represent. Not only can they be mounted directly to walls but they can even stand freestanding for maximum impact!

LED or Neon lighting for outdoor lighted letters will help your business stand out from the competition and make it easy for potential clients to locate your location. This is particularly noticeable if you opt for reverse channel or halo-lit letters with aluminum faces and returns that reflect lights backwards for an impressive effect.

At our signage warehouse, we offer various lighting solutions to illuminate your building, such as formed plastic letters, stainless steel, and acrylic channel letters – great options if you’re searching for an affordable way to add some shine and sparkle to your property or event entranceway.