Outdoor Lighted Letters For Buildings

outdoor lighted letters for buildings

There is an array of outdoor lighted letters available, each offering different lighting options such as front lit, halo lit and side lit lighting options.

Illuminated signs give businesses a more professional image and attract customers while being significantly less expensive to run than other forms of signage.

They Are Easy To Install

Channel letter signage can help businesses attract customers and clients even after dark, providing an ideal option for restaurants, retail spaces, and many other industries that seek to draw the eye of potential clients. Channel letters offer great visual impact in any setting but especially suitable for restaurants, retail spaces and any business looking for ways to capture attention day or night.

Pan letters are signs comprised of plastic or metal pan enclosures fashioned into the shape of letters and fitted with translucent colored faces that can be customized in any color imaginable. Pan letters may be mounted directly to buildings’ facades or to backer panels that house power supplies and wiring.

These types of signs are extremely straightforward to install as they don’t require extensive wiring or equipment – simply screw studs through the holes on the back of each letter and secure them to the mounting surface using screws that match its weight and material composition. A level may also come in handy, while you should tape your mounting template onto the wall so you can be certain of an exact match in terms of pattern alignment.

They Are Durable

If you want an eye-catching sign for your business, lighted letters may be just what’s needed. Not only are these signs long-lasting and durable; their LED lighting also saves on energy costs! Plus they look fantastic.

Pan channel letters are an effective form of letter that features a metal pan enclosure in the form of a letter and an illuminated plastic face attached to it, typically translucent-colored for enhanced illumination during day or night time.

Gemlite (Lit Form Plastic) sign systems are popular two-part sign solutions featuring molded plastic faces attached to a back that contains LED modules. Unlike face-lit channels, they offer the option of having either a stepped return for better visibility or flat faces with translucent returns to create an appealing halo effect.

They Are Easy To Maintain

Lit sign letters offer many advantages for businesses. Customers will be able to see your business even after dark has fallen, helping you attract more customers while increasing visibility.

Lit sign letters tend to be more cost-effective and energy efficient than their traditional counterparts, saving your business money on its electricity bill by employing them for their business needs.

Lighted sign letters come in all sorts of shapes and materials – plastic, wood or metal can all be used – with painting options available or logo engraving available – these signs come with different font styles to meet all needs and budgets. If you need help selecting your sign type or lighting options consult with an expert who will offer numerous choices that fit both needs and budgets as well as help decide the ideal lighting type for your sign.

They Are More Professional

Lighted sign letters provide businesses that operate throughout the night with visibility during evening business operations. Furthermore, their lights make it easier for potential customers to locate them from afar and help create a professional image for your company.

There are various kinds of illuminated letters available, each offering distinct benefits. Back-lit channel letters (sometimes known as halo letters due to their illuminated backlighting) are extremely popular as they give off an illuminated glow, making them look great on any building type while being easy to install and maintain. Other lighted letters available include fabricated face channel letters (fabricated face letters are commonly known) as well as reverse lit channel letters; all can be customized with different colors, lighting effects and mounting options to meet the specific requirements of any business.