Orange County Neon Signs

neon signs orange county

Orange neon signs are the ideal way to bring vibrancy and fun into any room or party setting, whether at home or an event such as birthdays, engagements, weddings or other milestone events. They add the perfect splash of color that stands out against their surroundings.

Neon lights are glass tubes filled with noble gas chemicals such as neon or argon that have been carefully bent into artistic designs to form bright orange lights. When combined with other gases, other colors may also illuminate through them.


Even as digital signage becomes more widely adopted, many iconic neon signs still glimmer bright in the nighttime landscape of New York City. From Harlem’s Apollo Theatre and Gringer & Sons East Village appliance storefront to Katz’s Deli and Russ & Daughters in Brooklyn; NYC is known for its love affair with neon glow. For visitors coming to NYC, its signature lights should not be missed!

One of the most recognizable images from Breaking Bad was of The Dog House sign outside it – famously featured as part of its exterior decor. It had been saved from destruction during a motel demolition on Beach Boulevard that had outlived its usefulness as roadside rest stop.

Not only can a custom neon sign announce your brand, but it can also serve as decoration in both home and office settings. Personalize it with your name or tagline and select from various color choices – most popular being yellow, pink and orange; additionally fog-friendly options may even come equipped with remote controls for ease of operation!


Neon signs have long been used to draw customers’ attention to businesses. Composed of glass tubes shaped into words or decorative designs and filled with neon or argon gas, neon signs glow brightly when high voltage electricity passes through them, drawing customer interest. While this technique has existed for some time now, recent advances such as LED Flex have greatly enhanced its durability and affordability.

LED neon signs are more durable and safer than their traditional counterparts; traditional signs can shock anyone who touches them directly; modern ones come equipped with features like overvoltage protection and ground fault interruption that make them safer to touch. Furthermore, these energy efficient signs require around 20% less power to run than their predecessors.

LED neon is more flexible than its predecessor, allowing it to be formed into any shape and change colors effortlessly. This versatility makes it perfect for use both home decor and business signage purposes.


Neon signs are beautiful, versatile pieces of art that can brighten any room and space in which they’re placed. Neon signs can serve to promote your business, attract attention or simply illuminate a living area – they make great presents!

Traditional neon signs consist of glass tubes filled with neon or argon gas that are lit using electrical current. Light emitted by atoms within the glass tube can take on various hues and these signs are frequently found in restaurants, bars, and tattoo parlors.

Popular colors for neon signs include pink, yellow and orange neon lights that create an exciting and stimulating effect. Meanwhile, warm white neon lights offer more subdued yet soothing illumination; perfect for romantic dates or late-night Netflix sessions! Warm white neons work well with any colour scheme as lamps do and can even be placed anywhere a lamp would.


Neon signs can be an eye-catching way to grab attention while also being loads of fun! From romantic expression to adding personality to any room, neon signs provide the perfect way to draw visitors in. And why not personalize your bedroom further with one shaped like your name or initials?

Funny neon signs have quickly become an increasingly popular choice for businesses of all kinds. Not only can they add an air of fun and attract customers, but their distinctive sign can draw their eye as people pass by – for instance a winking martini glass or catchy slogan can grab their attention and keep customers coming.

One of the most iconic neon signs in Orange County is the iconic “K” that once graced Knott’s Berry Farm’s Sky Tower. After being saved from demolition by Museum of Neon Art and moved to their warehouse in Pomona for restoration, this sign will soon reemerge as an LED screen at Knott’s Berry Farm – saving energy while simultaneously adding charm. Compared to traditional neon signs, LED neons use far less power.