OC Sign Provides Sign Design Services For Businesses in Orange County

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OC Sign offers businesses in Orange County an assortment of products and services. Their team can create custom signs that reflect your brand and logo, install them on vehicles or buildings, and design monument signs to announce your presence in your community.

Pylon Signs

Pylon signs are freestanding structures designed to showcase your business branding. Also referred to as road, highway or pole signs, pylon signs can draw the eye of passing traffic – something they do best at shopping centers, car dealerships and other establishments that rely heavily on vehicle traffic as customers.

A lighted pylon sign is an ideal way for businesses to stand out in the evening, increasing brand recognition in their area and driving increased brand recognition. These signs can feature logos from multiple businesses as well as work automatically to illuminate at night using timer or light sensor technology.

Location can dictate how high you can build signage, but we will work with you to select an appropriate height. From single pole mount pylon signs to twin pole designs, we have solutions tailored specifically to meet both your needs and budget.

Monument Signs

Monument signs are freestanding structures designed to accentuate your business’ identity. Made from various materials – some designed to appear like brick or stone while others made from aluminum or high-density urethane – monument signs often feature channel letters, halo lit letters and illuminated sign cabinets within their designs.

Monument signage is commonly found at the main entrances to businesses and shopping centers. Additionally, this signage helps people quickly locate their destinations while communicating important safety messages.

Monument signs are an effective way for customers to locate your business and draw new ones in. Contact us now to discover more about how our monument sign services can make your business flourish!

LED Signs

LED signs provide businesses with a powerful way to convert window shoppers into customers quickly. Their bright lights, eye-catching design and user-friendly software make changing messages easy!

When selecting your display size, it is crucial to take into account its Pixel Matrix. This refers to the total number of vertical and horizontal pixels present on the screen – larger matrices will support more text and graphic details compared with smaller displays.

Also, it is essential to recognize that the Brightness Potential of an LED sign varies, making its accurate assessment difficult due to varying red, green and blue LEDs that may vary in voltage, size, shape or placement. Furthermore, its Pitch can impact its brightness: closer together are its LEDs placed, more pixels will fit within any given area thus increasing display resolution.

Vehicle Wraps

Why not turn your fleet of vehicles into advertising for your business? Vehicle wraps can provide cost-effective advertising that generates numerous impressions per day.

Car wraps offer companies with evolving marketing strategies a straightforward solution to displaying their logo, phone number and other graphics that need to be seen. Their easy installation and removal make vehicle wraps ideal.

WS Co’s team is ready to handle every step of your fleet vehicle branding project from planning through installation. Get in touch with us now to start branding!