OC Sign Company Offers Custom Signs For Every Business Need

No matter your business or wedding needs, OC Sign Company can make your experience memorable with an array of options for signs that fit every type of brand or occasion – and even create custom logos just for your brand!

Staying informed can be tricky for students and faculty, so using a message board sign with LED displays to show important news such as holidays and school functions is the perfect solution.

Lighted Channel Letters

Channel letters are an excellent way for businesses to draw passersby’s attention and showcase their name, logo, or any other pertinent details about themselves and are available in an assortment of colors and materials.

Standard channel letters are illuminated using LEDs or neon strips which illuminate their faces with illumination from LEDs or neon strips. Fabricated from aluminum, their sides are called returns; while their faces often consist of translucent acrylic or aluminum; both pieces can then be attached via trim caps to their returns for easy assembly.

Halo signs are another type of illuminated signage. With their backlit faces that project light onto the walls behind, this type of marquee sign creates an illuminated “halo” around its marquee sign and are increasingly becoming a feature in professional offices and higher-end retail stores.

Halo Lighted Letters

Halo lights (sometimes known as reverse lit or back lit channel letters) illuminate built-up channel letters using LEDs placed behind and around its edges, typically used by businesses operating after dark like restaurants and retail stores.

Halo-lit signs typically offer subtle illumination, yet their appeal can be enhanced with different color choices to make the sign more eye-catching. Orange hues may reflect warmth and friendliness while blues or greens may work best when advertising law firms, physicians, CPAs or other professional services.

Front and Halo Lighted Channel Letters provide clients with the best of both worlds, enabling them to utilize front-lit faces that are easy for readers while offering an impressive halo effect in the rear. Most models are constructed using polycarbonate backing which prevents animals from nesting there or water reaching electrical components.

LED Lighted Signs

Lighted signs can make an immediate and impactful first impression with potential customers. Their bright and eye-catching nature draws people in while serving to advertise or provide directions. A well-crafted sign can increase brand recognition and help a business flourish.

LED lights use significantly less energy than fluorescent or glass neon signs, thus saving businesses money on electricity costs. Depending on the price per kilowatt, this could result in thousands of dollars saved over time.

Orange County Sign Company recently unveiled a website designed to make it easy for customers to obtain quotes and information about their signage needs. It includes a quick quote form as well as past projects featured, plus it is fully responsive, so customers can access this information from mobile devices.

Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps provide your business with an effective means to advertise on the go. They’re cost-efficient ways of reaching potential new clients while building trust among current ones and increasing brand recognition – not to mention thousands of impressions per day! Vehicle wraps make an invaluable investment.

Vehicle wrapping involves applying a special vinyl to all or part of your vehicle that can be digitally printed with any design you like, from logos and images to contact information and more. Wrinkle-free wraps offer a professional appearance.

Whitfield Signs can assist your company with branding fleet vehicles from conception through installation. We have expertise in vehicle lettering and branding solutions from concept to completion.

Business Signs

Business signs are an excellent way to promote your brand. Not only are they visible and easy to remember, they’re also cost-effective and versatile enough for use across a variety of promotional channels – including monument/pylon signage, interior lobby signs and 3D business signs.

In recent months, Orange County Sign Shop has produced roadway signs to commemorate fallen heroes such as Orange County Deputy Sheriff Jonathan Scott Pine and Windermere Police Officer Robert German who both were killed while fulfilling their duties. These road signs honor these men whose sacrifice will never be forgotten.

These roadway signs are the first of their kind in Texas and serve as memorials to reflect on the selfless sacrifice made by local law enforcement officers. Furthermore, they serve as a reminder for drivers to remain wary of potential dangers on our roadways and drive safely.