Fullerton Signs

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Fullerton College Art Gallery presents its inaugural exhibit of 2019 with SIGNS. This exhibit presents artists using sign painting and hand lettering techniques; from local professional sign painters like Maury Nemoy, to famous calligraphers.

CSU Fullerton puts technology at the service of student success through Adobe Experience Cloud, Document Cloud and Creative Cloud services. These enable staff members to reduce time spent doing manual paperwork while moving collaboration, review and approval processes online.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is an engaging way of sharing information that will keep audiences interested. Digital signs can be utilized in restaurants to highlight menu items or bank branches to promote products or services; even transportation hubs use them to communicate arrival/departure times/schedules and schedules; while offices use digital displays to share important safety and productivity metrics.

ITS offers the technology, knowledge and support to enable effective visual communication with students, faculty, staff, citizens and travelers in many campus environments through our Digital Signage service. This system enables both static and dynamic content and features emergency alert integration as well as mapping and interactive wayfinding capabilities for seamless wayfinding experience. Individual signs can be scheduled months ahead while all screens can be changed at anytime without notice.

Digital signage has emerged as one of the fastest-growing solutions within Pro AV, representing an exciting intersection between technology, content creation and media delivery that informs, educates and entertains audiences.

LED Signage

Digital signs can be updated remotely via computer, providing real-time or scheduled information updates and schedule alterations for specific days of the week. This provides a cost-effective means of communicating with customers.

Displaying eye-catching graphics on an LED sign can draw the eye and encourage impulse buyers. Studies have revealed that people tend to remember visuals more easily than words, so it is crucial that you carefully consider how you would like your signage to look before selecting a manufacturer and company.

LED signs are an excellent way to display information for professional purposes, local weather updates and inspirational quotes. Customizable to meet your specific needs through high-resolution video and graphics playback, these displays also serve as a fantastic way to highlight products and services while being easy to program, have clear resolution and support multiple layouts – they make for the ideal way to showcase business for professionals or showcase products and services! LED displays can also serve as electronic message centers or reader boards that showcase business products or services and showcase products or services from any business size! These displays have proven their popularity with businesses of all sizes as they’re easy to program, clear resolution support multiple layouts while supporting multiple layouts!

Neon Signage

Neon signs have made a comeback and are an attractive choice for business owners looking to attract customer interest. But it’s important to keep in mind that neon can fade over time, necessitating maintenance services. To make sure your sign remains bright, contact a local signage provider with expertise in neon signage maintenance for assistance.

Large neon signs typically comprise multiple sections of glass tubing that is heated and joined together using special GTO wire that’s been specially coated for high voltage electricity. Each tubing section is then connected to an electrode using GTO wire that’s been treated against electric current.

Neon signs usually use argon gas as their illumination source; however, other gases such as krypton or xenon may also be used to produce certain hues. Their light impinges on light-emitting phosphorescent coatings to produce different colors.

Aluminum Signage

Aluminum signs feature the iconic metallic sheen associated with metal signage, making it an economical and durable choice that’s well-suited to most visual communication needs. Rusting aluminum signs adds visual texture, with this process starting by spraying an acidic solution over it to initiate its chemical reaction and produce rust. Once desired rustiness has been reached, signs can sit for hours or overnight before being rinsed off and clear coated to stop the process altogether.

Once they abandoned the A/B skip-stop system, CTA began installing new station identification signs at each platform containing its name and coordinates as well as a block of color to represent which lines serve it. Furthermore, these were supplemented by directional/transfer signs that directed riders toward other exits, buses or points of interest.