Commercial Sign Contractors

commercial sign contractor

Commercial signs are an effective tool that can increase brand recognition. But it is essential to select the appropriate contractor when hiring one for this task.

Quality sign companies will have dedicated teams that collaborate seamlessly with your design team to bring your ideas to life, as well as explaining their fabrication shop and other services provided.

Local Expertise

Commercial sign contractors provide much more than simply the execution of your signage project for your company. A good contractor should offer fabrication services, install non-electrical signs such as wall signs or non-electronic displays, paint wall signs or rehang existing signs as well as manage electrical wiring for new projects.

A good commercial sign company knows local bylaws about your sign’s height, size, placement and more – knowledge that’s invaluable when planning installation and complying with restrictions or creating maintenance plans for you and your team members. They may even help create maintenance plans which remove this responsibility altogether!


Sign companies who excel understand the significance of first impressions can provide quality signage services from start to finish, offering reliable signage services from their expert teams.

Commercial electrical sign contractors are required to either employ a Master Electrician or possess the license themselves and must also be authorized to design, manufacture, install, reconnect and disconnect electric signs as well as cold cathode lighting or neon gas tubing. Furthermore, general liability insurance must cover them should any claims from third parties be lodged against them.

Reputable sign contractors should be able to present evidence of insurance when necessary.

In-House Fabrication

Your business sign is often the first thing that customers or clients see of your company and is responsible for creating their initial impression of you and your services. A quality commercial sign contractor understands the significance of getting this right and has experience to do it properly.

Contractors that can successfully fabricate themselves often have an edge when it comes to cost and schedule control while meeting three cornerstones of good fabrication: safety, quality and accuracy.

Your business deserves to stand out, and a quality sign company can help it do just that with custom indoor & outdoor business signs, monument signs, pylon signs, awnings and more. Get in touch with one in your area now to request a quote and start drawing attention to itself! Contact your nearest sign shop now.


Quality commercial sign contractors take great pride in being transparent about their process and reassuring you that they have all of the expertise, equipment and facilities necessary to make your sign a reality.

Your business relies on good signage – whether that means a restaurant with a prominent sign visible from the freeway, retail centers with hardworking tenants eager to promote themselves or an auto dealership with lasting impressions that make an impression on potential clients. That is why you need a commercial sign contractor you can depend on for quality company signage services.

Warranty and Maintenance

Sign contractors with excellent track records typically offer two year installation warranties that cover labor and material expenses for their commercial signage installations.

An excellent sign contractor will be able to demonstrate their excellent craftsmanship by showing photos from projects they’ve worked on and answering any queries about their work or the sign-making process.

Budget constraints often necessitate hiring in-house design teams; therefore, any quality commercial sign contractor must be capable of seamlessly working alongside your designer to produce effective signs for your project. Before hiring them for your endeavor, ensure they can interact properly.