Channel Letter Sign Made in Orange County

Channel letter sign made in Orange county

Channel letter signs are one of the most commonly seen types of exterior signage used for retail shops, restaurants, stores, and medical offices. Available in an array of colors, fonts and sizes; channel letter signs provide businesses with a lasting first impression.

LED lights may also be added for greater night visibility; however, before making this decision it is essential to check local building and signage codes first.

Channel Letter Signs

Channel letter signs are three dimensional graphics which highlight a business name and logo on a building’s exterior. Commonly found at shopping malls, bars/pubs/restaurants/cafes/medical buildings/offices etc, channel letter signs provide an effective way for businesses to stand out in their marketplace and grab customer’s attention.

Three-dimensional signs are custom made of aluminum to suit your specific requirements. You can install them both indoors and outdoors to promote consistent brand image while increasing visibility 24/7.

Signs are an invaluable marketing and property value-enhancing asset, and investing in high-quality long-lasting product will only bring returns in the form of increased business and increased property values.

Orange County, California offers many different kinds of channel letter signs to choose from. If you need guidance in selecting one for your business, consult a professional sign company.

Lighted Sign Letters

If you want your business sign to be seen from far away, lighted sign letters could be the solution for you. With increased visibility both day and night, potential customers will always know where you’re located when in the vicinity.

One additional benefit of illuminated letter signs is their energy-efficiency; using LED lights reduces costs over time while maintaining minimal maintenance requirements.

Lighted sign letters are also an ideal solution for businesses situated on busy streets where visibility from a distance is crucial. This is especially true near highways where it is crucial that drivers find your establishment.

Non-Lighted Sign Letters

Channel letter signs are among the most widely used exterior signs used for business. Constructed of 3-dimensional graphics measuring anywhere between 1/2 to 5 inches deep, channel letter signs consist of front faces, side channels and backer material that all connect together – sometimes electrical wiring may even be added for illumination purposes.

Signs typically made of aluminum feature translucent plastic facings available in multiple colors as well as trim cap borders or siding for decoration and LED illumination. They may also come equipped with lighting features.

Backer mounts are frequently utilized by businesses looking to protect their electrical components from the weather and rain. A backer mount provides a simple yet effective solution that keeps wiring and power supply inside a metal cabinet, keeping electrical components out of sight and protected. This solution offers great value to companies.

These illuminated business signs may not be the most popular option, but they can still make an attractive choice for some companies. A letter sign illuminated with LED bulbs provides cost-effective illumination to add illumination on its front face.

Halo Lighted Letters

Channel letter signs are an effective way of drawing in potential customers. With endless font, color, and size options, they can easily fit in with any logo design.

An effective way to ensure that your business stands out is with a quality halo lighted sign from a reliable Orange county sign company. These illuminated signs also come non-illuminated or back lit options.

Halo-lit letters are illuminated signs that cast light behind each letter to create a halo effect, commonly used by upscale retail stores, law offices, dentists and other professional services.

These illuminated signs are constructed using LED lighting, making them an excellent way for businesses to save money on energy costs while enjoying various advantages like increased lifespan and reduced maintenance requirements.

Duel Lighted Sign Letters

Custom channel letter signs offer business owners looking for something truly distinctive and eye-catching that will boost sales and brand recognition the perfect opportunity. Constructed using various materials like acrylic or aluminum sheeting in various colors and fonts to meet any business owner’s exact specifications, custom channel letter signs make a bold statement about your company that stands out.

Raider can help your brand make a statement that will set it apart among competitors in Orange county. Our versatile displays can be used as illuminated exterior signs or interior storefront signs – giving your business the competitive edge it needs!

Duel-lighted channel letters are an innovative new sign design on the market that features front and back lighting to create an illuminating halo glow effect. Careful placement of lights creates this striking look and will ensure your company stands out in a crowd.

LEDs have proven themselves effective at improving the overall appearance of signs. Furthermore, they can be installed onto backer panels to protect electrical components from weather elements.

Custom Lighted Business Logo

Channel letter signs are one of the most sought-after types of business signage, mounting easily to most surfaces and offering additional night visibility with LED illumination.

Signs come in various styles and are used to promote various businesses such as bars, restaurants and specialty stores. Signs may also be integrated with other types of signage like monument and lobby signs for maximum impact.

Custom lighted business logos are one of the best ways to draw customers in and drive sales. Highly visible all day long, they help boost brand recognition while increasing awareness.

These lighted business signs come in various styles, including front-lit, reverse-lit and open face designs that are highly customizable to create eye-catching signs with their light.

These illuminated business logos are also highly durable, making them an excellent choice for outdoor use. Waterproof, with safer light sources than neon and lower maintenance requirements. Furthermore, they are more energy efficient and require less upkeep than neon-lit signage.

LED Sign Lettters

Backlit LED signs can help your business stand out from the competition while remaining energy efficient – perfect for businesses that wish to reduce both their costs and impact on the environment.

Backlit LED signs can be more noticeable during the daytime, making them ideal for storefronts and buildings; however, when selecting signs that will remain visible after sundown it’s essential that they also remain noticeable.

When creating a custom lighted sign, it is vital to find a company that can oversee all aspects of its design and production. This will ensure your LED light lasts as intended while also drawing in customers.

Are You Searching for Halo-lit LED Signs or Neon Signs? When shopping for an illuminated sign, there are various options to consider before selecting one that meets your budget. Before comparing prices and selecting one that best meets your needs.

Neon Sign Letters

Neon signs are an excellent way to increase business exposure while adding character and style. With many color choices and sizes to choose from, finding one that will fit seamlessly in your space should not be difficult.

Neon signs are created from glass tubing filled with neon or argon gas that glows when electrical current passes through it, emitting visible lights when activated by electric current.

Neon signs may have fallen out of fashion for a time, but they’ve recently come back into style due to their distinct piercing shine that makes them an effective way to highlight any business logo or message.

Neon signs are an integral component of city architecture and often serve as a source of local pride. One historic property owner in Petaluma recently spent $30,000 to restore an old neon sign that had graced their building since 1947.