3D Foam Sign

3d foam sign

A 3D foam sign is an effective way to show your team pride. Durable yet lightweight, it makes transporting it to games easy while looking good in your home or office.

At an Instron mechanical tester, uniaxial tensile tests and compression tests on 3D foam samples with hairy and bare surfaces were conducted; their stress-strain curves are shown in Figure 6.


Dependent upon its letter type and finish, the cost of a foam sign can differ widely depending on its letter type and finish. Plastic PVC signs tend to be the least costly options while metal faced letters have higher costs; metal laminates may also be relatively more costly but less so than true metal signs; while illuminated letters tend to be the most costly but can still be relatively affordable when compared with real metal signs.

These Milwaukee Brewers 3D Foam signs are the ideal way to show your team spirit! Made in the USA and designed to withstand indoor or outdoor use.

Our team’s 3D design of this U.S. Army foam logo wall sign makes an attractive and functional addition to any fan’s home decor. Crafted from EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate), an elastomeric polymer with high strength and durability, this piece comes in various colors to fit into any environment or office decor.


Our 3D foam signs are constructed using high-density expanded polystyrene foam for greater durability and a longer-term look than cheaper options used by other sellers. Furthermore, its lightweight composition makes handling it simpler than other varieties of foams.

Lisa Shaw used Embrilliance StitchArtist’s automated 3D foam setting to digitize this design using its automated 3D foam setting for Embrilliance StitchArtist, creating this image with just one stitching pass – perfect for producing satin columns that appear branchlike! Although not essential for all foam embroidery projects, using such settings may prove beneficial on certain occasions.

To create your own sign, begin by designing the lettering you intend to use with a font of your choosing and enlarging it either using a projector or copy shop. Pinning this enlarged version onto thin cardboard before cutting it out and attaching it to foam board is next steps – and don’t forget a base-plate to glue everything onto!


Stabilizers are pieces of fabric placed either behind or on top of fabric to strengthen it when stitching. Stabilizers help prevent stitches from getting lost in fabric texture and ensure neat embroidery designs. There are different weight options and fusible or nonfusible varieties; also wash-away and cutaway options can be used on various fabrics.

Locating the appropriate stabilizer for your project is essential to ensuring optimal results. Experimentation is key in selecting one that works well with both fabric and embroidery designs; different kinds can often work better together than individually; but mixtures should be avoided as this could compromise performance.

Heavyweight cutaway stabilizer is often the ideal choice for puff embroidery, as its sturdy support of foam helps prevent distortion or puckering and tear-away after embroidery is complete.


Foam cutting machines are highly sophisticated devices that utilize computer numerical control (CNC) for its elements production. It can cut Styrofoam, expanded polystyrene and art & sign foam with great accuracy and speed while being capable of scroll cutting, routing and milling as well. Programming this machine using popular graphics programs provides even more versatility; once a program has been designed it can be used to cut any shape out of foam.

These 3D foam signs are made of thick EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) foam and designed to display team colors and logos. Measuring 18 inches on their longest side, these lightweight yet durable signs make an excellent addition to any home, office, dorm room or dorm. A great gift idea for sports fans in your life or car decor alike! Available in various colors!