3D Foam Logo

3d foam logo

Are You Searching For Unique And Dimensional Signs For Your Business? 3d Foam Logos Are an Excellent Option

Embroidery on puffy foam requires double the density of stitches you would typically use when embroidering flat embroidery designs, and satin stitch columns must be manually capped on their ends to provide full coverage of an embroidery design.

Product Description

FanFave presents the ideal addition for any home, office, man cave or game room: this 3D foam sign featuring your team logo in vibrant color! Mount it easily using holes on its reverse side – approximately 18 inches on longest side made of EVA foam! Made by FanFave!

This 3D foam hand sign is the ideal gift for any passionate hockey fan! Boasting your team’s logo in vivid hues and an adjustable velcro strap on its back for easy wearability. Take it with you to memorable games and hang it proudly in your home or office to show your undying team loyalty!

Each logo is custom designed before being professionally handcrafted from thick EVA foam to become the final product. EVA foam is composed of Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA), an elastomeric polymer which forms materials with soft rubber-like characteristics such as flexibility, clarity and gloss with low temperature toughness resistance to stress cracks as well as hot-melt adhesive waterproof properties.


Styrofoam can be formed into various shapes and used to craft unique 3D structures that stand out from their surroundings. From life-sized replicas to miniature versions, these unique creations provide a memorable way for businesses to advertise themselves and attract customers. Creative advertising ideas must be developed in order to stand out from competitors; otherwise customers won’t notice your business at all!

Pop foam, one of the most widely-used sign materials today, creates an air of sophistication in any office and will draw customers in for visits. Durable and cost-effective, pop foam signage is great for restaurants, office buildings, schools, and universities, providing fine details to be molded with fine detail molding technology. This form of signage adds class and style to your office while drawing customers in. Besides creating an impressive impression in customers minds this type of sign provides class and style while making customers more interested in visiting your company – not to mention durable cost effectiveness when considering all its uses! Pop Foam process allows molding fine details so your customers will want to visit you more.


Foam letters and logos come in an assortment of colors to meet the design requirements for your business. Some colors appear across all letter styles while others only appear with certain letters; certain finishes also offer various hues; Wilsonart laminate metals are offered in white with anodized silver accents while acrylic options feature standard plastic hues or can even be painted to fit with your company brand identity.

Each logo is custom designed and expertly handcrafted from thick EVA foam into its final product. EVA foam is an elastomeric polymer with soft yet flexible characteristics similar to rubber; its properties include good clarity and gloss; low temperature toughness; resistance against stress cracks and hot-melt adhesive waterproof properties.

This Chicago Cubs 3D Hand Foam Logo Sign Is Ideal for Hardcore Fans! Show your team spirit at every game by carrying it to every game and showing it off to others! Designed with an adjustable hand strap and mounting holes on the back for wall installation, this durable sign makes the ideal way to show your dedication.


Large foam logos are an effective way to stand out at events and draw the eye of attendees. Their versatility, durability, and customizability makes them suitable for use at virtually every event and are an eye-catcher that helps promote your business while drawing in attention to itself.

3D foam logos will certainly draw guests’ attention at your next event – from using them as photo props or an eye-catching product, to turning into a custom photo booth that your guests will adore!

This Chicago Bears hand foam sign is the ideal accessory for game day celebrations! Featuring an adjustable strap in the back for comfortable holding and holes on its reverse side for hanging, this sign measures approximately 18 inches on its longest side made of EVA foam material.